Franklin Strap 2.5" Sedona Suede Guitar Strap - Olive - Made in USA
$ 29.95
Introducing a brand new line to Franklin Strap - the Sedona Suede Series. Our Sedona Suede Strap Series offers supple garment suedes in southwest tones, with double-ply rust end tabs, and careful natural stitching for a refined and tailored look.
Adjusts from 46" to 56".
About Franklin Strap
Franklin Strap is driven by the creative talents and marketing savvy of their founder, Greg Bennett, a well-known guitar designer, marketer and player. Here at Nashville Guitar Store, we place a high value on selling only products that we believe in and from suppliers whom we trust. We know these guys, we've been to their facility (which is only 5 miles down the road from us) and we're proud to be partnered with the fastest growing strap company in the world!