Franklin Strap 2.5" Embossed Suede Guitar Strap - Black - Made in USA
$ 39.95
The richly embossed suede and the plush, softly pebbled glove leather end tab offer a beautiful blend of complimentary textures. The pattern in the suede seems inspired by the exquisite fingerboard inlay work of our industries most accomplished artisans.
Adjusts from 46" to 56".
About Franklin Strap
Franklin Strap is driven by the creative talents and marketing savvy of their founder, Greg Bennett, a well-known guitar designer, marketer and player. Here at Nashville Guitar Store, we place a high value on selling only products that we believe in and from suppliers whom we trust. We know these guys, we've been to their facility (which is only 5 miles down the road from us) and we're proud to be partnered with the fastest growing strap company in the world!